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LH50-OLAAAW, Waterhog, Zero Loss Compressed Air Condensate Trap

Price: $385.00
Item Number: LH50-0LAAAW
Manufacturer: Control Devices Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: LH50-oLAAAW


WaterHog™ is a state-of-the-art, low-profile, pneumatically powered zero-loss drain trap ideal for compressed air systems up to 100 HP.  Its unique design avoids small passages common on competitor products, ensuring clog-free operation. WaterHog™ is fully automatic, operating with no timer or manual settings. Because this new product is powered by compressed air, there is no need for electrical connections.  WaterHog’s™ sleek, low-profile design also fits where competitor products may not.  Check with your utility to see if WaterHog™ qualifies for energy-saving incentives!


  • POWERS THROUGH CONDENSATE BUILDUP. Ideal for compressor applications up to 100 hp. The WaterHog™ design avoids small passages common on competitor designs, ensuring clog-free operation. 
  • Fully AUTOMATIC operation. No timer or manual settings.
  • NO ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS. WaterHog™ is powered by compressed air, avoiding the need for electrical wiring and connections.
  • ENERGY SAVING operation. Zero compressed air loss*. Check with your utility to see if it qualifies for energy efficiency incentives. WaterHog™ pays for itself when replacing open condensate drain valves or timer traps.
  • LOW PROFILE. The 4.7” vertical operating height allows WaterHog™ to fit where other larger 

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